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What is Change Everything?

Change Everything, Inc. is a consortium of passionate professionals who are good at what they do and are committed to the science of social change.

CEO and founder Andrae Bailey has led and partnered with some of the most successful independent sector organizations in the United States, working in the field of social change for more than two decades.

Andrae created Change Everything with the sole purpose of making Central Florida the change capital.

As such, Change Everything offers professional consulting services designed specifically for the nonprofit sector. The Change Everything team works tirelessly to aid nonprofits in many different stages of business.

As a partner to Change Everything, Andrae founded Lead Homelessness, a company that offers targeted services to communities invested in solving the homelessness crisis.

But it doesn’t end there, Change Everything and Lead Homelessness have launched nonprofits dedicated to academic discovery, advocacy and collaboration within the nonprofit sector.

  • Change Everything Live With Andrae Bailey: a talk show where change makers, influencers and social advocates talk with Andrae on topics that matter most in our communities.
  • Lead Homelessness Initiative: an organization that facilitates projects and docu-studies on major issues in our society.
  • The Collective: a society comprised of nonprofit leaders, social activists, change makers and anyone looking to make a difference in Central Florida.

To learn more about all that Change Everything offers for our communities click on the links below!

Change Everything Live

Join Andrae Bailey as he interviews successful influencers and change makers on the topics that matter. Recorded LIVE on Facebook.

Lead Homelessness

Our approach is to help communities build collaboration among all stakeholders who have a vested interest in ending homelessness.


Later this fall we will be initiating in-depth studies on Panhandling in Downtown Orlando and the Opioid Crisis afflicting our communities.

The Collective

Become a part of a Society of Change Makers located in Central Florida meeting throughout the year to learn, collaborate and make lasting change.

Our Latest Episodes

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